The Show Must Go...Discos

A 14 day countdown to Jerome Bel's "The Show Must Go On" featuring Discos. Heads will turn in Vienna.

"I’m So F*cking Happy"


“My Henrik Vibskov “I’m So F*cking Happy” tee with my blue high waisted jeans were the only way to go for my first day of rehearsal.  And throw on a pair of suspenders..Why Not?  

For the next 2 weeks I will be working in the Museum Quartier, the center for art in Vienna.  That’s how they do here, they put art on a platform and it is held in a Quartier. Even though Jerome Bel was not there, his team, Frederic Seguette and Dina ed Dik were calling the shots.  Just in one day I learned how to take the ordinary and put it on stage.  Not the usual way of working for dance/theatre pieces, but I am open and ready to discover the unknown which is familiar since it is ordinary.  Damn I am so f*cking happy!